About GetOut Aalborg

GetOut is Aalborgs “Live-Escape-Game” or “Real-Life-Room-Escape Game”. The concept was developed in Japan, and has in a few years become the hottest trend within the category of entertainment.

GetOut is a treasurehunt for adults, with elements from computergames, but in-real-life. It’s all about teamwork, fun, creativity and suspense.

You’re a group of 2-5 persons, who choses one of our two scenarios. We have two rooms, with two different themes. A treasure hunt for a hidden will – or a murder mystery, where the hidden proof of the murderer needs to be revealed.

You will step into a room, which contains the mystery you have chosen to solve, but you will only have 60 minutes to solve the mystery, with the help from riddles, hints and keys, hidden everywhere.

GetOut is a unique and fun experience, where you get the chance to put your teamwork-skills at test. When you return to the other side of the door, you will be guaranteed an experience to be remembered.

GetOut is 1½ hour of good fun, suitable for friends, families, couples and colleagues. And the fact that GetOut is located in one of Aalborgs most interesting, and 400 years old buildings, does not make the experience any less exciting.

The Cabin

Legend has it, that deep within the Bloodwood-forest, the greatest treasure of this century is hidden inside of a cabin. The Cabin has not yet been found by anyone, even though many have tried finding it, both by feet and from air. Every brave soul who has wandered through the forest for more than one hour, has vanished without a trace. Do you dare going into the woods? The treasure might be waiting – but beware!

The clock is ticking, and danger awaits around every corner.


“CORRUPT” The mayor is deeply corrupt. The rumors say that there is a little black book hidden with all the dirty deals and all the names of who owns who and that this book should be somewhere at the mayor´s office.

You are from the Opposition Party, and you know that you will be able to overturn the mayor if only you can find the book.

In disguise as waiters, you have made your way into the Mayor´s annual dinnerparty and within the next sixty minutes there will be speeches and entertainment and you have therefore sneaked upstairs where the office is located.

Unfortunately (of course) the door is locked …
But suddenly you see the ventilation shaft …

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